FAQ and Tips

TechHotBed Search Engine

  • How do I search for multiple keywords?
  • Can I use Boolean searches?
  • How do I search for words next to each other?
  • Can I submit a search with punctuation?
  • Are searches case-sensitive?
  • Why do I get results that don't seem to match my query?
  • How does TechHotBed sort my search results?

Search Jobs

  • How can I find jobs that require Security Clearance?
  • What should I use for keywords?
  • Can I get additional information on a job posting other than what is listed?
  • How do I save my job search as a JobAlert Search Agent?
  • How do I know if the jobs that are posted are still available?
  • How do I find jobs where I can work from home?


  • I have forgotten my Password. What do I do?
  • How do I update my e-mail address or change my password?
  • Can I share an e-mail address with another TechHotBed account?
  • What are the levels of confidentiality that I can have for my resume?
  • How do I activate MyTechHotBed Resume?
  • How do I inactivate MyTechHotBed Resume?

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